Thursday, 24 November 2011


I am a few months into my year long placement at Wicken Fen and I hope that over the rest of my time here, through this blog, I can help keep people updated on things going on in the grazing area of the fen!

After settling into Wicken (and getting used to the fact that the closest shop isn't just down the road) I have spent lots of time becoming familiar with the grazing animals that we have here - highland cattle and konik ponies. I have spent lots of hours gradually learning each individual animal by name and this IDing is definitely an ongoing process! At the moment, the main things I am involved in are IDing the konik ponies on site and trying to plan a small research project of my own. Alongside this are daily and weekly checks that are carried out on both the highland cattle and konik ponies, writing down data during data collection for the grazing warden Carol's research, and any other event that occurs in a day - one thing I quickly learnt here is that each day is not the same!

Anyway, I will be writing more posts soon and thanks for reading!

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